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  英语搞****剧剧本 篇1

  甲:Hello,every one, have you ever seen the movie? Yeah, you are right, I'm the director-- Cameron Diaz, applaud , thank you....Recently, I will direct a new movie called < Avatar 2 >, today, there will be a audition and I will select three actresses who can get the chance to perform in this film with famous actress---Anne Hathaway,OK, let's begin. At first , talent show, number one, let's welcome.

  乙:(****万种,妖娆妩媚地走进来,给观众一个飞吻):oh,honey,dear,sweet,darling director, the most beautiful charming, sexy girl is coming , every body knows me, right? Yeah, I'm Nicole Kidman, open your eyes as big as you can and hold your breath, there will be a unique, fantastic dance show for you, I believe that all of you will be crazy about it ,(打个响指) come some music.(搞笑舞,****发挥). (跳完,鞠躬,向观众谢幕), thank you,(面向导演), honey, is it a wonderful performance?


  乙:(在甲眼前晃手),oh, darling, are you Ok?

  甲:eh...my god, have you use some stimulant drugs this morning, you make my nerves nervous. Get out , next one.

  乙:oh no ...sweet ,you break my heart...(掩面离去)

  丙:oh it seems to be serious. God bless me(画个十字架,镇定地走到甲面前,伸出手), nice to meet you, director.

  甲:(与之握手),nice to meet you too,so, introduce yourself please.

  丙:I'm Celine Dion, you know, I don't have too many achievements, I just won five Grammy awards, 12 World Music Awards, 7 American Music Awards , 21 Juno Awards and(做沉思状) oh, I forget it , a Oscar Award, (同学鼓掌,乙作安抚状),oh, calm down, calm down,it's just a piece of cake for me ,you know, I....

  甲:ok ,stop, time is limited, just begin

  丙:OK!!! I'll use my first signature song to conquer you --my heart will go on, just enjoy it.

  near, far, wherever you are

  i believe that the heart does go on

  once more, you opened the door(甲stop stop,丙不理,继续作深情状)

  and you're here in my heart,

  and my heart will go on and on.

  甲:guard ,guard,help,drag this mad woman out.

  Oh, I'm dying,hope the next one will give me a surprise

  丁:(对着乙的背影,沉思状)to be,or not to be,it's a question!(走到甲面前牵起她的手做亲吻状),I'm glad to see you,my dear princess.

  甲(做娇羞状):oh, it's really a big surprise,so what's your name?

  丁:My name? Oh, wait a minute. Do you know Trish Regan?(甲,白痴的摇头),eh..,it's ok,then how about Robin Meade?(摇头),and Melissa Theuriau?(摇头),(丁,情绪激动),you know nothing, how can you sit in here.

  甲(指门,气愤状),you you you.....

  丁:ok ok, it doesn't matter, you needn't learn about them, but you must know me, the most famous hostess who will catch up with those person and become the greatest poet---oprah!

  甲:I don't care who you are, just show me your talent.

  丁:ok ,listen,one poem,I have had found my best love, but I didn’t treasure her. When I lost her, I regret. It’s the most pain in the world. If God can give me another chance, I will say there words to her “I love you”!

  甲(起鸡皮疙瘩状):oh, I can't stand, show you the door,

  丁(转身离开,继续台词):If there is a time limit, I hope, it is (回头,对甲)10 thousand years.

  甲:oh, it's really a terrible ,awful, horrible day,why it is such difficult to find an excellent actress.Oh, I'm dying,you three, come here,

  三人跑进来,乙妩媚状:honey, you like my dance,right?

  丙镇静状:director,you like my singing,right?

  丁深情状:princess,you like my poet,right?

  三人同声:we are past,right?

  甲:eh..Thank you for your eh..Wonderful performance,but,I'm sorry to tell you ....(接电话) What? Nobody comes here except they three,oh...god.(挂电话,低头),you three,(抬头),pass!

  三人欢呼,说:we make it,we are superstar!

  乙(甜蜜状):that's very sweet of you,we love you so much(飞个吻)

  甲:you know, you are not good enough now, but I'm look forward to your progress.Do you have confidence?

  三人齐答:yes,we do!


  英语搞****剧剧本 篇2

  人物:追星A, 追星B,追星C,明星,**** 旁白 经纪人

  旁白:A girl is crazy about a star called Handsome+人名. Even when she is asleep, she can dream that man.

  A:(打哈欠),I need to go to bed, I’m so sleepy.(打哈欠)——边走边说 (趴在讲台上睡)


  旁白:In her dream……


  A:Oh, it’s a fine day. (假装看天) (然后突然不经意的拿起****书翻看)

  明星:(上台):Oh, it’s a fine day. (然后坐凳子)


  A:Are you … are you that … super star?(激动地说不出话)

  明星:(随意的回答) Yes, what’s wrong?

  A: I’m your fan,super fan. Your photos are full of my bedroom, no, they are full of my house, including kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and… and toilet.



  明星:You are too…enthusiastic [in,θju:zi'?stik]. (有点嫌弃)

  A: Can you give me your signature?


  明星:Ok ,of course!

  A:(大声喊)Oh ,I will have the Handsome______’s signature


  B:Please ,please give me signature!!!!!!!

  C: No, give it to me, to me!!!


  A: Why the result is this ?(抱头痛哭,边走边哭,然后走到睡觉的那个地方,恢复原来的样子,还有点啜泣)

  A: Er? Where is it? Oh,it’s just a dream , but ,it’s a bad dream.

  It’s too early, I want sleep.(又趴下去)

  旁白:In her second dream, the scene is at the crossroads.

  A: Look at the tall buildings, they like the …like the …I don’t have any adjrectives to describe them.


  A:Oh ,look at there, that man is like a star ! Oh ,Oh ,Oh ,(一次比一次激动)he is …..he is…..Handsome_______!I want his signature! But there is too much cars, What can I do? What can I do? I don’t care this any more, the signature is more important!


  ****:Look out!

  Aon’t come here, don’t come here!(闭着眼睛) (****迅速下台)


  A:A dream .too? Oh, my god, Why do I always can’t get the signature? No, I must get it, sleep again! Yes ,sleep! But ,why do I stand here? I should lie in the bed. Whether these, I must go to bed and get the signature!(趴着又睡)

  旁白:In her third dream

  (明星在签名,A前面有B, C)

  经纪人:One by one,Don’t be wrought-up

  A: Yeah,I can get it at last. Before me ,there are only two people.


  B:I love you very much. My dreamlover.

  明星:Thank you


  C: Oh,I meet you ,can I hug with you ?




  A: I can get your signature in the end! I’m so excited


  明星:Sorry, can I go to the toilet for a moment? My stomach is hurt a lot.(****)

  A: Yes, make yourselfe at home.


  A: Handsome_______ has gone to toilet for such a long time. Is he ok?

  经纪人对A说:Sorry, the girl, Handsome_____ perhaps can’tcome here to give you signature, He is too hurt. He went home.

  A: Ah? Why always me ? (伤心地离开,走到睡着的地方)


  A :Why always me ? I only want a signature~~ ai~~ What time is it now ? (看了一下钟,表情惊讶) It’s near 8 o’clock .I can’t arrive at the school on time! Oh no ,hurry up hurry up!

  英语搞****剧剧本 篇3

  Justice Is The Winner(正义必胜)

  by Cecilia Liu 劉怡芬



  Bunny Cheng: Bunny Chen

  Eliza Lin: Daughter

  Celine Tu: Reporter et Aside

  Sano Hsieh: Small gangster(小****)

  Trent Cheng: Big gangster(大****)


  A mother is doing exercise in the living room when the phone is ringing. And her daughter is in the school now.

  Mom: Hello~

  Caller: (A boy is crying.) Ha! Your kid is here. Do you hear his voice? If you want to save your kid, prepare the ransom.

  Mom: Are you crazy? I don’t have a son!!! Don’t try to cheat me. Stupid guy!

  The mother is very angry and hung up the phone. But later… the phone is ringing again…

  Mom: Hello~

  Caller: Hello~ Are you busy now?

  Mom: (I recognize the voice.) You are a fraud, right? Do you want to trick me again? Is it fun? Don’t do such a boring thing, O.K.? I won’t believe you.

  Caller: Really? Listen to this.(A girl is crying on the phone, ”mom, help me~ help me~)

  Mom: Oh~ you are a good actor. This time is better but I still won’t fall into your trap to rob me of my money! If you call again, I will call the cop. Do you understand? (Hang up the phone more angrier.)

  But the voice sounds like her daughter’s and the mom is not disturbed. She decides to go to the elementary school to see her daughter. The mom got there…

  Mom: Eliza~

  Eliza: Mom~ why you are here? Are you missing me? Do you come here to pick me up?

  Mom: Ya~ are you happy in the school? Let’s go home. I want to tell you something on the way home.

  Mom tells Eliza about the phone scam and wants her to be careful from now on.

  SCENE II英语剧本大全ww.coffbar.com

  Because the mother didn’t believe the two gangsters really kidnapped her kid, the gangsters were furious. So they decided to kidnap her daughter this time.

  The gangsters have found the school her daughter studies in, and observed for many days. Today is the day they plan to kidnap the child.

  The big gangster always focuses on what he’s doing but the small gangster is usually absent-minded.

  Big gangster: Hey! Concentrate!! (The big gangster hit the small gangster’s head)

  Small gangster: Ouch! O.K. O.K.

  At this moment, the girl appears.

  Small gangster: (Check the picture.) Hey!! Buddy!! Look! Is that her?

  Big gangster: Ha! Ha! Ha! It’s hunting time.

  Small gangster: I’m so excited!! Oh~ what a beautiful girl. Just like a fairy. My sweetheart… Buddy do you know? I feel that I get butterflies in my stomach!

  Big gangster: (Hitting the small gangster’s head again.) Hey! Wake up!! Stop day-dreaming. Let’s make a move!

  Small gangster: Oh~ my baby~ I’m coming!!

  Big gangster: Hey!! Lady!! Can you do me a favor?

  Eliza: Sure! What can I do for you?

  Small gangster: (Murmuring) This beautiful lady has a beautiful heart.

  Big gangster: Sorry. Ignore what he said.

  Eliza: Never mind!

  Big gangster: Thanks! I want to go to Tunghai University. Do you know how can I get there?

  Eliza: Oh… you should go straight until the traffic light, then turn right until you see a convenience store at the corner and turn left. Keep going straight and you would see the university.

  Big gangster: Go straight until the first traffic light, turn right and we will see a supermarket at the end of the street. And…

  Eliza: No! No! No! Go straight until the traffic light, then turn right until you see a convenience store at the corner and turn left. Keep going straight and you would see the university.

  Small gangster: Go straight until the first traffic light, then turn left and go straight to the end of the street, then we can see the university.

  Eliza: Oh, my! No! Wrong again! You two are really a stupid guy.

  Big gangster: It’s too complex. I can’t remember all the directions. I’m a foreigner. And I have an important presentation there. Could you go with us, guide us there? Please~

  Eliza was confused. But she is a kind person and she likes to help people.

  Eliza: Umm… let me think… okay!! Let’s go!

  Small gangster: How kind of you!! My little girl.

  Big gangster: Sorry. Just ignore him. Thank for your help.

  Eliza goes with the gangsters.

  In the gangsters’ car, the small gangster suddenly shows a sharp knife. And shouts, “Don’t move!” Eliza is shocked and starts screaming.

  Eliza: What are you doing?

  Small gangster: I’m kidnapping you!

  Eliza: Oh~ I am so scared.

  Small gangster: (Talk to the big gangster.) Did you hear that, she is scared?

  Big gangster: Ya~ we are professional.

  Eliza: Not funny! I’m hungry. I want to go home! I want to go home!

  Small gangster: Shut up. Don’t be so noisy!

  Eliza keeps crying.

  Small gangster: You! Get out of the car!

  Big gangster: (Hit the small gangster angrily!) Idiot! I have a stupid partner. (Disappointed)

  Eliza: I agree! (Nod head.)

  Big gangster: Don’t cry baby, I give you a lollipop.

  Eliza: Thank you. How kind of you.


  Mother is preparing dinner.

  Mom: Eliza! Eliza! Time for dinner! I’m hungry! Hurry up!

  No one answers her. And she realizes there is something wrong.

  Mom: Eliza, where are you? Don’t play hide and seek with me! It’s not funny. I’m hungry.

  As the mother is finding her daughter, the phone rings.

  Mom: Hello~ this is Anderson. I’m busy finding my daughter. Don’t bother me!

  Big gangster: Are you finding your daughter? Ha! Ha! Ha… she is right here.

  Mom: Good job! Tell her it’s time for dinner. I’m hungry!

  Big gangster: Hey! You are clueless. I have already kidnapped your daughter, Eliza Anderson!

  Mom: Hey! Buddy! Don’t trick me!

  Big gangster: Sure! Listen! (The gangster takes the phone to Eliza.)

  Eliza: Hello! Mom! I’m here! They are so kind. They gave me a lollipop.

  The gangster takes the phone away.

  Big gangster: Do you believe me now? If you want your daughter to come back for dinner. You have to prepare the ransom of NT $ 20,000,000.

  Mom: Too expensive! 20% off.

  Big gangster: Are you buying clothes?

  Mom: Bargain is my hobby.

  Big gangster: No negotiation you should bring the ransom to Tunghai Lake at 8:00 pm. And remember don’t call the cop. Or you will find your daughter in the lake.

  Mom: O.K. See you then!

  At Tunghai Lake. The gangsters and Eliza are baking fish from the lake because they are hungry. At this time, the mother is coming.

  Mom: Ha! (Mom shouts.)

  The gangsters and Eliza are shocked. And the small gangster’s fish is falling down on the floor.

  Small gangster: Oh,! My fish! Who’s there?

  Mom: It’s me, Bunny Anderson, Eliza’s mother, Anderson’s wife. Where is my daughter? Release my daughter.

  Eliza: Hi! Mom, I’m here. Do you want to come here to eat fish?

  Big gangster: Where is the ransom?

  Mom: Release my daughter first!

  Big gangster: Give me the ransom first!

  Mom: No way!

  And the battle begins.

  Mom: Justice is always the winner.

  Eliza: Oh~ Yeah! Mom, you win!

  Celine: Ha! I got it! I got it! A new…… headline.

  Celine: I am at Tunghai Lake. Earlier, there was a violent fighting. A watermelon knife V.S. A B.B.Q. fork. According to the witnesses, a mother fought with the gangsters for her daughter. And the mother won. Now, let’s interview the persons involved.

  Celine: Do you feel regretful? Do you feel sorry to this society?

  Small gangster: I……

  Celine: I…… I know. You are very sorry and regretful. How about you? (Turn to the big gangster.)

  Big gangster: None of your business. (Run to the wall.) Leave me alone.

  Eliza: Me! Me!

  Celine: What do you want to say?

  Eliza: Uh…My mom is so cool. She came to save me!

  Mom: My turn. My turn.

  Celine: O.K. O.K. What do you want to say after winning the fight?

  Mom: Well……

  Celine: Well, you are very happy and proud of yourself to be the winner in the battle.

  Mom: Yes. And the gangsters…

  Celine: Oh, the gangsters are very stupid and silly.

  Mom: Right. And they…

  Celine: They want to trick you, but…

  Mom: But… enough. I’m hungry. I want to go home with my daughter.

  Celine: Next time, if you receive a phone call from a scam artist, here are the things you can do to avoid being tricked. First, stay clam and be skeptical about it. The caller hopes to fool you with a moving story, causing you to forget your good judgment. A little doubt can protect you. Second, verify the story. Call the organization to make sure the story is true. Third, report it to the police. And don’t deal with the villains on your own. One phone call will often expose a trap quickly. However, to tell the truth, the mother is really very brave. She is my idol. I want to keep her sign. This is reporter Celine reporting from Tunghia Lake for TVAS.

  英语搞****剧剧本 篇4

  第一幕 开场白

  旁白:Long long ago there lived a beautiful princess, and there is a big family. But the hostess died. Her son is handsome and goodness. Her husband married another wife. The stepmother is very cruel to the son. One day their King will hold a ball and choose a prince for his daughter.

  B: Girls in the other side look at me, look at me, look at me …I am David, handsome and cool. I try my best to loose my weight for this ball. This is my photo three days ago.

  C: I am rich and humor. Look at my snow-white teeth, because I use the famous toothpaste---Peer.

  A: Oh, Can I go to the ball?

  B and C: No!

  B: Look at yourself. The clothes are so bad and dirty.

  C: Yes, yes.

  B: Your hair …(用手拨几下)

  C: What a mass!

  B: Your face

  C: Black and dirty, you seemed like a frog.(B拿出青蛙的****)

  B: How can you go to meet the beautiful princess?

  Stepmother: OK, children, let’s go!

  C: Mum, what about him?

  Stepmother: You, just stay at home to do some housework.

  A: But, Mum, I want to go there.

  Stepmother: Oh, OK.

  B and C: Mum, why do you take him? Don’t you think he will loose our face?

  Finally, they go without A.

  第二幕 仙女下凡

  A: Why Why Why I can’t go to join that ball.

  旁白: At this time a beautiful fairy appear.

  Fairy: Ahh, my poor child! What things make you so sad?

  A: The beautiful princess will held a ball, but my stepmother and my brothers don’t let me go there.

  Fairy: My good boy, let me help you. (拿出一套礼服)


  Fairy: Wait for a moment. Don’t forget your shoes.(拿出一双耐克鞋)

  A: Thank you, my respectful fairy.

  第三幕 一见钟情

  旁白:A is wearing beautiful clothes going to the palace as quickly as possible, but his brother and stepmother have already arrived.

  门卫:The next, the Trade’s first son.

  B: Oh, beautiful princess. I have greatly admired you for a long time, and you are like a Pizza in my heart.

  Princess: Please wait for a moment, what talent and skill you have?

  B: I’ll sing a song for you. (Singing) Only you

  Princess: Pass.

  门卫:The next. The Trade’s second son.

  C: La la I am a

  Princess: Pass.

  旁白:At that time A was appearing on the front door of the palace. All the people were shocked by his handsome and demeanor.

  A: Beautiful princess. Can I sing a song for you?

  Princess: Sure, please.

  A: (扶着公主从宝座上走下,两人目光对视,走成一个圈,开始唱歌)。

  旁白:All the people seem to disappear. Only A is left in the princess’s eyes. And so is the princess. Dang dang dang the clock strikes 12. A is waken from the happiness.

  A: Princess, I must go now. I am very sorry.

  Princess: Wait

  旁白:In a hurry A dropped one of his shoes. But the princess was following him.

  A: (A look at princess and that shoe he has to go into the forest.)

  第四幕 丢失的鞋

  旁白:The next morning, the guard brings the shoe to the princess.

  侍卫:My princess, this is the shoe left by Yang Master yesterday.

  Princess: That’s great! God save me! Go and declare: Whoever can wear this shoe will be my prince.

  第五幕 结局

  旁白:The guars declared this thing in the whole city and it caused a big sensation. The two prince of the Trade are more excited.

  B: Oh, it’s so beautiful. I’m sure I can wear this shoe.

  C: Do you think it is possible? Only I can wear that shoe.

  Stepmother: Stop talking, my dear sons. Go to get ready for it quickly. The guards will come in no time.

  旁白:A was sweeping floor more and more slowly. The guards came in.

  侍卫:This is the shoe. Come and try it.

  旁白:At this moment B caught it quickly, tried it and murmured.

  B: why can’t I put it on?

  Stepmother: My dear, let me help you.

  旁白:The mother pulled B to the corner cutting his toe. Then B put the shoe very hardly.

  B: My princess, let’s go.(一瘸一拐)

  Princess: No, you are not my prince. Take off the shoe.

  C: Let me try. Let me try. (murmuring)I cannot wear it either.

  旁白:The mother pulled C to the corner again, and cut his heel.

  C: My princess, let’s go.

  Princess: No, you are not my prince, either. (一瘸一拐)

  侍卫:Who else doesn’t try to put on the shoe here?

  A: (In a low voice) Let me have a try.(A put the shoe without any difficulty. It just fit him. And A took off his dirty clothes again.)

  Princess: Wow, you are my prince.

  Princess and Prince got married. Then they live together and they are very happy.

  英语搞****剧剧本 篇5


  Bears: Today is our birthday. We are so happy!

  Rs: Knock, knock, knock. (敲门声起)

  Bears: Who’s that?

  Rabbit1: I am **.

  R2: I am **.

  Rs: We are rabbits.

  Bs: Come in ,please.(开门,请进)

  Rs: Happy birthday!(送花)

  Bs: Thank you. Please take a seat.(做手势,请坐)


  Ds: Knock, knock, knock. (敲门声起)

  Bs: who’s that?

  D1: I am **.

  D2: I am **.

  D3: I am **.

  Ds: We are dogs.

  Bs: Come in ,please.

  Ds: Happy birthday!

  Bs: Thank you. Please take a seat.


  Cs: Knock, knock, knock. (敲门声起)

  Bs: who’s that?

  C1: I am **.

  C2: I am **.

  C3: I am **.

  Cs: We are cats.

  Bs: Come in ,please.

  Cs: Happy birthday!

  Bs: Thank you. Please take a seat.

  小熊把花插好, 拿水果招待客人

  Bs: Which friut do you like ?

  Rs: It is red. It is raund.

  Bs: Oh! It’s apple. Here you are.

  Rs: Thank you.(做吃状)

  Ds: It’s yellow .It’s long.

  Bs: Oh! It’s banana. Here you are.

  Ds: Thank you.

  Cats: It’s oraner .It’s raund.

  Bs: Oh! It’s oranger. Here you are.

  Cs: Thank you.


  Bs: Today is our birthday. We are so happy.


  Bs: Let’s singing , let’s dancing.

  As: Ok!